About The Studio

The studio was established in 2011 and is located in the heart of a pastoral neighborhood, near the Ramat Aviv Mall. The studio staff has many years of experience in various projects, with an emphasis on thorough planning of commercial spaces and understanding of customer needs.
We bring to the table an in-depth thinking and experience combined with a young worldview and know how to create solutions for each client by defining common goals, asking leading questions and meeting the budgets allocated for the project.
Our approach is that proper design and smart planning are two things that must work together - right design provides a different and surprising experience and smart planning makes it possible to conduct a business in the best possible way.
As part of a comprehensive 360-degree concept, we offer branding and graphic design services that create uniformity and consistency between the interior design and the brand itself. The definition of brand values, logos, color and graphic language gives the business a strong and reliable image.

Itay Gidron

Specialization in design, individual planning and project management.

Itay holds a B.Sc. in interior design, in the academic track, the College of Management (2006).

In the past he was a member of the academic staff of the Department of Interior Design, Academic Track, The College of Management.

Over the years he has gained extensive experience in planning businesses and networks and understanding customer needs.

Lee-Ran Shlomi Gidron

Specialization in design, branding, planning and project management.

Lee-Ran holds a B.Sc. in interior design in the academic track, The College of Management (2006). Head of the studio- MISSLEEDESIGN.COM highly experienced in strategic accompaniment, inspiration and concept development.

Lital Mor-Yosef Hazan

Specialization in design, branding and planning.

Lital holds a B.Sc. in interior design, in the academic track, The College of Management (2012).

Since 2014 works as a designer in the studio.

Studio Itay Gidron